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Welcome to the Sonoma County Executives Association (SCEA), where tradition meets innovation in the heart of California’s Wine Country. With a rich legacy spanning half a century, our roots run deep, reflecting a commitment to excellence, collaboration, and professional growth.

Since 1974, SCEA has been a cornerstone of the Sonoma County business community, providing a platform for executives from diverse industries and disciplines to stay ahead of trends, navigate challenges, and seize opportunities. Each of our members is committed to fostering economic development and driving success.

At SCEA, we embrace the values that have defined us for decades – integrity, leadership, and community engagement. Our members come together weekly to share insights, exchange ideas, and form meaningful partnerships. Dynamic events, thought-provoking forums, and exclusive networking opportunities empower our members to lead with confidence and resilience.



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Our Mission

Uniting Sonoma’s Business Leaders for Over 50 Years

SCEA’s mission is to bring professionals together to drive referrals, build partnerships and support the business community in Sonoma County

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At weekly breakfast meetings, member-hosted open houses, and social gatherings, SCEA members develop strong relationships that drive profitable referrals. We also have a lot of fun together. Be our guest to see for yourself.

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What Our Members Say

I have been with this group for a long time, only a few years into starting my company. I can’t really describe how helpful and instrumental Execs has been for my business.

Robert Gibbs

Redwood Coast Painting

I love Execs for the relationships that I have formed with everybody. The group is always warm and kind and if you need help with something, there is always someone to find. 

Erika Lockwood

Edward Jones Investments

This is without a doubt the best organization ever. 

Pedy Lawson

Pedy's Petals

is scea right for my business?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is a business networking group?

A business networking group is a group of business owners who meet to form relationships, share information, and support each other by using each others businesses and providing outside leads to other members.

What are some of the advantages of joining a business networking group?

Joining a business networking group helps grow your business by creating an outside sales team to connect you with new clients. The group is also a resource of trustworthy businesses who you can rely on for excellent service and can refer to your clients, friends and family.

Who are the members of SCEA?

Top executives, limited to one member from each type of business, profession, or trade. View our member directory.

How is SCEA different than other business networking groups?

SCEA has been successfully operating in Sonoma County since 1974. Because we believe quality is more important than quantity, we do not have lead quotas. We only have one member from each business, profession, or trade type. We require that our members own their company or are top-level managers or decision-makers. We have a strong reputation as being a very friendly welcoming group of people.

What are the requirements of membership?

– You have been in business for at least one year in California

– You own your company or are a top-level manager or decision maker

– Your category of business doesn’t conflict with an existing member’s category

Our Meetings

Are guests welcome at your meetings?

Absolutely! To RSVP as a guest, please contact us at (707) 230-5404 or by email. You will have an opportunity to introduce yourself to the other members and learn about SCEA.

Where & when does SCEA meet?

3215 Coffey Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
7:15 AM – 8:30 AM


*Except the 5th Wednesday
What is the format of the meetings?

Most members arrive between 7:00-7:15 and the meeting begins with breakfast at 7:30am. Members have the opportunity to spotlight their businesses and give a testimonial or thank you to other businesses within the group. During the second half of each meeting, one member presents information about their business (classification talk). The presentation typically is 25 minutes long including a short Q and A. The meeting ends at 8:30am.

Are there any opportunities to informally network?

Members typically gather to network before meetings begin and stay after they end to mingle. Open houses are held at a different member business every second Wednesday of each month either in the morning or the evening. We also hold an annual Christmas party and opportunities to socialize throughout the year such as golf days.

Getting Started

How do I know if my category is open?

You can view our list of Open Categories (updated twice a year) or contact our director Shirlee Johnson at info@scexecs.com for the most up-to-date information.

What is the process to join?

If your business category is currently unrepresented, simply submit a membership application which will be reviewed by our membership committee. We look forward to considering your membership in this great group of local businesses and individuals!

Is there help for becoming a successful member?

We provide a new member orientation for all incoming members. We also have a mentorship program. New members are assigned a mentor who will meet with you and guide you in becoming a successful part of our group. Our director is also very hands on and available to answer any of your questions or assist you. All new members are encouraged to participate in one-on-one meetings with other members. We have a strong reputation as being a very friendly welcoming group of people.

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