What should you do for your car after the fires?

We all were affective by the wild fires. Some of us lost our homes and vehicles, some of us lost loved ones, and some of us were displaced. But all of our vehicle were affected by smoke and ash.

The engine air filter cleans the air going into the engine for a clean burn and for the best fuel economy. With the smoke and ash, the air filter will get contaminated quickly and starve the engine of clean air which can cause engine damage and reduced fuel economy.

Most new cars come equipment with a cabin filter. The main job of the cabin filter is to clean the air entering the inside of the vehicle. This is the air that your breath. Again, with the smoke and ash will contaminate the cabin filter and cause contaminated air to enter the inside of your vehicle and stress the blower motor as it has to work harder to pull in the outside air.

If both the engine air filter and the cabin filter have not been replaced please do so.

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Bob Toepp
Bill’s Auto Electric and Repair