Our newest member of the Sonoma County Executive family is commercial real estate broker, Peter Schlereth.

Peter is a long time fixture of the North Bay commercial marketplace. He has over 33 years of experience and relishes working with family based ownership groups. He sees the continuity of family owned companies as the American Dream. It was a thorough delight exchanging real estate “war-stories” from our collective 73+ years in real estate. It was obvious from our shared successes (and occasional failures) how much Peter is committed to his client’s success and how much we both enjoy putting transactions together. Peter, as well as I, believe challenging work keeps the mind sharp and alert plus the results can be extremely rewarding and satisfying.

PCS-7 can help with all YOUR Commercial Real Estate needs:
Whether you are looking for someone to help:

  1.  Find YOU a Property
  2.  Sell YOUR Property
  3. Manage YOUR Property
  4. Lease YOUR Property
  5. Help YOU invest in Property
  6. Represent YOU as an Owner or as a Tenant of a Property
  7. Give YOU experienced Consulting.

Peter’s mission statement: “PCS-7 is all about YOU and YOUR needs because we tailor our services to help YOU be successful in any kind of Real Estate endeavor.” On his card is the chess symbol for the “Knight”. Don’t know if his armor is shinning but the “Knight” in chess is most effective being in the middle of the action. It has unique “moving” qualities in chess and allows Peter the opportunity to guide his clients through any real estate transaction.

On a personal note, Peter has a daughter he just moved to Bend, Oregon and a son in London. The grand-kids are in London so time to use those frequent flyer miles.

W: www.PCS7.net
E: Peter@PCS7.net
O: (707) 539-9300
F: (707) 537-8524

Written by Mike Kelly, Keller Williams Reality