SCEA members are well respected professionals in their industry. When you refer to a member of Sonoma County Execs, you are referring to a well-established local business person who provides top quality service. We know this, but how do we communicate this to everyone else in Sonoma County?

Blogs are a fast, simple and informal way to communicate your message and  share your expertise inside our group and throughout our community. When you provide a blog to SCEA, we post it on the News page on our website, we announce it to our group, we post it to our Facebook page and sometimes, we pay to boost the Facebook post to a targeted audience so that the information will reach even more people. That’s why you should write a blog.

Now, how do you write a blog.

Writing a blog entry is easy! You are already the expert, we just need you to draft a few sentences showing it.

  • Make the entry short (so it is skimable)
  • Write short paragraphs (2-3 sentences)
  • Show your expertise – Stay within your classification
  • If you just gave your classification talk, you can write a synopsis or expand on one area of your talk
  • If you already write a blog for your own website,  share it with us and we can cross post it on our site
  • If your blog is timely, please let us know when you would like us to post it
  • Your blog can include links to your website or other information
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect… we can edit it for you
  • Follow the examples of the many blogs you already see on our website

We have a series called Sonoma Strong that is specifically focused on helping our community recover from the fires. If you have any information useful to people and businesses in recovery, please consider sharing it through our blog.

Email your submissions to (or send direct to our web developer Brenda Phillips)

Another Bonus!

Once you submit a blog, you will be eligible to become the Spotlight Member of the Month.

Written by Brenda PhillipsBeehive Design Studio