Introducing… Whole Body Cryotherapy

During whole body cryotherapy, the patient walks into a stand up chamber, like a shower stall, and liquid nitrogen, is converted to gas. The gas is released into the chamber dropping the temperatures down to as low as -200 Farenheit. A session lasts only 3 minutes, but in that 3 minutes, the body is forced to adapt to the extreme cold. It helps flush chronic inflammation, lactic acid and metabolites, and pain chemicals back to the heart, where it can be filtered and cleaned. This helps accelerate healing time when recovering from injuries, helps accelerate recovery time from intense work outs, and helps manage stubborn, nagging injuries that hold you back from life, sports, training, etc, all without pills, potions, or shots.

Dr. James Judevine, of Judevine Chiropractic, is the only Chiropractor in Sonoma County that offers whole body Cryotherapy. Contact Dr. Judevine today to see how he can help you get rid of that nagging pain that is preventing you from doing the things that you love to do.

Written by James Judevine

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