Sonoma County Executives Association member Nichole Clark and her business partner Ellen Supple spoke at the Go Local/Refer Local monthly lunch mixer last week about LIFEMAPS for College and Career, their local business that offers comprehensive college and career counseling for individuals of all ages and aspirations.

California Colleges are receiving record numbers of applications with some schools receiving over 100,000 applications each fall. Only the top 12% of applicants get accepted into the more prestigious University of California system which means often a 3.0 GPA is not enough. Nichole and Ellen help students break down the complicated and sometimes daunting college application process into manageable steps and they also help students navigate through financial aid and scholarship options to find the best and most affordable solution for each family. Nichole and Ellen recommend that high school students start career and college planning in their junior year to allow enough time to complete all the various requirements.

Nichole Clark is an experienced and accredited college and career counselor. She has an MA in Education Leadership and Counseling and she is an experienced teacher.

Ellen Supple has developed and taught high school and college curricula for 32 years and specializes in creative composition, career development and business communications. A master teacher and administrator, Ellen holds BA and MFA degrees in writing and literature.

Nichole and Ellen help students define and pursue their career goals. For more information visit their webpage: www.lifemapsforcollegeandcareer.com


GoLocal luncheon

Nichole Clark


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Written by Shirlee Johnson, SCEA Executive Director