An excellent way for SCEA members to showcase their business is to hold an Open House. A Sonoma County Execs Open House is a fun social event hosted by one or more members and it is held in the morning or in the evening at a member business or home or at a local venue such as a restaurant or park. The hosting members provide refreshments and usually plan some type of interactive activity such as a game or a scavenger hunt and some members award prizes to winners of the activity or they hold a raffle.

SCEA encourages members to volunteer to hold an Open House once a month (usually on the second Wednesday of the month). Holding an Open House is a great way for a new member to introduce themselves to SCEA. They are also a great tool for long time members to highlight business changes or new business information to the group.

Members are encouraged to bring their spouses or significant others to the Open House and guest business owners are also welcomed. Open houses provide a comfortable place that enables members to form stronger relationships with each other which results in helping members build their businesses.

See the videos below for recent examples of some really fun SCEA Open Houses.

September Open House BBQ: Hosted by Susan Daniels of Employee Relations Consulting

October Open House Oktoberfest and Ist Annual Cornhole Tournament: Hosted by Joe Ruppe of State Farm and Brenda Phillips of Beehive Design Studio

November Open House: Hosted by Eric Heun of All-Pro Floors and Sue Sarmir of Creative Visuals Interior Design

December Holiday Open House: Hosted by Pedy Lawson of Pedy’s Petals