Sonoma County Executives (SCEA) is a networking organization that has been successfully operating in Sonoma County since 1974. We chose our members carefully and hold them accountable to a code of ethics. We expect a high level of integrity and consistently excellent customer service from each of our members.

When you chose a company from our Member Directory, you will receive products and/or services from a reliable business owned and operated in Sonoma County.

We have around 50 members and our average length of membership is currently 11.7 years!

Our Member Directory is organized by Category. So whether you need to send some flowers, have your carpets cleaned, or need help with your taxes, we have a name and number you can count on.

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If you are a local business that is committed to providing excellent services or products and would like to join a group of like-minded business owners who can help your business thrive, call us at (707) 230-5404. You are welcome to come to one of our meetings and discover the benefits of becoming, and staying, a member.


Sonoma County Executives Association  .  www.scexecs.com  .  (707) 230-5404