SCEA celebrated it’s 45th Anniversary with an Epic bash at the Epicenter on May 6, 2019.

The Sonoma County Executives Association has been operating in Sonoma County longer than any other leads group. 45 years of members supporting each other’s businesses to thrive is truly something to be celebrated. And celebrate we did!

75 people attended the event including 10 retired members.

The epicenter catered the event. The delicious cakes were from Oliver’s Market. The gorgeous flowers were from Pedy Lawson of Pedy’s Petals. Our Executive Director, Shirlee Johnson, created a beautiful slideshow featuring pictures from our past. Since we were established in 1974, the music was all 70’s. To top it off, Tom Croft, of Edward Jones, presented a champange toast.

Then there was the bowling! We discovered that some of our members have skills. Others had fun. In fact, it was a delightful evening of camaraderie and nostalgia.

A huge thank you to our Leader of Fun, Joe Ruppe, of State Farm Insurance and to all the members that donated their time and expertise: Pedy Lawson, Susan Daniel, Jackie Duncan, Kym Patiño, Christine Cromwell, Tom Croft, and Shirlee Johnson.

SCEA will continue energetically into the future. Members treasure the organization for many reasons including:
• Ability to give referrals to member businesses with confidence
• Receiving great referrals from fellow members
• The promotion and enjoyment of mutually shared success
• Valued and enduring friendships that last a lifetime

Sonoma County Executives Association  .  www.scexecs.com  .  (707) 230-5404