The Sonoma County Executives Board of Directors met on July 11 at the home of Christine Cromwell. Current and recently elected members attended the symbolic passing of the baton meeting. Thanks and praise was given to Joe Ruppe and Tom Croft, who have fulfilled their responsibilities and will be leaving the board. And a big, special “Thank You” to Deborah Crippen for serving as our President for the last year.

Deborah Crippen, Kym Patiño, Bill Zuur, Susan Daniel, and Brenda Phillips will continue serving on the board for another year. Christine Cromwell has been re-elected and will continue serving on the board for the next two years. At the meeting, we warmly welcomed our three new members: Rose McCoy, David Carter and Bob Bryant. 

Now… what you have all been waiting for… our new SCEA President will be Kym Patiño! Susan Daniel will serve as Vice President, David Carter will serve as Secretary, and Bill Zuur will continue as treasurer.

Gratitude goes out to Christine Cromwell for hosting and providing a delicious meal and to all those board members that donated additions to the evening. It was an informative board meeting and members left feeling grateful for past leadership and excited about the future of SCEA.

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