David Carter was recently awarded RMF’s 2019 President’s Club achievement award.

Being named to the President’s Club is a top honor reflecting an individual’s talent, hard work and dedication. RMF has about 100 loan officers nationwide. Only 8 officers achieved the President’s Club award in 2019. David has been awarded the honor three times since joining Reverse Mortgage Funding.

David is currently serving as Secretary for Sonoma County Executives Association (SCEA) and is on the Membership Committee. He believes his membership in SCEA has been essential to his accomplishments. 

David is a Certified Reverse Mortgage Specialist (CRMP). This is a credential earned from the National Reverse Mortgage Lender’s Association. Maintaining the credential requires annual continuing education and training related to ethics, policy, elder financial abuse awareness, and regulatory issues.

SCEA is proud of David’s success inside and outside of our association.


David Carter, Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC.


Sonoma County Executives Association  .  www.scexecs.com  .  (707) 230-5404