LIFEmaps for College and Career will have a table to support students and families as they navigate the Sonoma County College and Career Fair at Windsor High School on Wednesday, September 8th 2021 from 6-8 pm.

More than 50 colleges from around the country have sent representatives to share information and answer questions about their institutions of higher education. *This year’s event will be a fully masked outdoor event.
College Fairs can often be an overwhelming experience. Before you find yourself surrounded by tables and in the midst of a giant college going crowd, think about what you want to say to the College Admissions Representatives.


Here are 3 Questions:


What makes your school different from others?

Many colleges have similar majors and programs, but each school has their own specific mission and specialties that set them apart.  How is their school unique and what are some of the opportunities that another school may not have?

Describe the students who do the best at your college?

Let them tell you who they are looking for.  Every school has a student profile that defines their students. Does it sound like you? Does it sound like the peer environment that you would like to be surrounded by?


Tell them something you know you want in your college of choice (sports, internships, research, specific clubs, etc.) Does this fit what your school offers?

The goal of these fairs is to start building relationships. Relationships between you, your family, and the college.  This requires sharing on both sides.  Begin the conversation and take their contact information to help you follow up with more questions and a thank you if you are really interested in their school.
Bonus Question:  Do you have any unique campus traditions?
Many schools have fun (and unique) campus traditions to support students during finals.  Some include primal screams (Carleton College), sweets and treats (Pomona College), or leaving offerings to campus statues (University of North Carolina).
Above all, remember that admissions representatives LOVE to talk about their schools.  They are there to share information.  Open up, ask questions and enjoy the experience.
For more information about Nichole Clark and LIFEmaps for College and career, view her page on our website.