Sonoa County Executives Association

 Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the members of SCEA?

Top executives, limited to one member from each type of business, profession, or trade. View our member directory.

Where & when does SCEA meet?

3215 Coffey Lane
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
7:15 AM – 8:30 AM

Are guests welcome at your meetings?

Absolutely! To RSVP as a guest, please contact us at (707) 230-5404 or by email. You will have an opportunity to introduce yourself to the other members and learn about SCEA.

What are the requirements of membership?

– You have been in business for at least one year in California

– You own your company or are a top-level manager or decision maker

– Your category of business doesn’t conflict with an existing member’s category

How do I know if my category is open?

You can view our list of Open Categories (updated twice a year) or contact our director Shirlee Johnson at for the most up-to-date information.

What is the format of the meetings?

Most members arrive between 7:00-7:15 and the meeting begins with breakfast at 7:30am. Members have the opportunity to spotlight their businesses and give a testimonial or thank you to other businesses within the group. During the second half of each meeting, one member presents information about their business (classification talk). The presentation typically is 25 minutes long including a short Q and A. The meeting ends at 8:30am.

Are there any opportunities to informally network?

Members typically gather to network before meetings begin and stay after they end to mingle. Open houses are held at a different member business every second Wednesday of each month either in the morning or the evening. We also hold an annual Christmas party and opportunities to socialize throughout the year such as golf days.

How long does an average member stay in SCEA?

Our average length of membership is 11.7 years. 34% of our membership have been a part of SCEA for between 10 and 34 years.

How many leads do members give?

In 2020, roughly over 1900 leads were given. This translates to 28 leads a week. This does not include referrals or leads given that have not recorded.

I want to join, what is the process?

If your business category is currently unrepresented, simply submit a membership application which will be reviewed by our membership committee. We look forward to considering your membership in this great group of local businesses and individuals!

Do you offer any help in becoming a successful member once I join?

We provide a new member orientation for all incoming members. We also have a mentorship program. New members are assigned a mentor who will meet with you and guide you in becoming a successful part of our group. Our director is also very hands on and available to answer any of your questions or assist you. All new members are encouraged to participate in one-on-one meetings with other members. We have a strong reputation as being a very friendly welcoming group of people.

What is a business networking group?

A business networking group is a group of business owners who meet to form relationships, share information, and support each other by using each others businesses and providing outside leads to other members.

What are some of the advantages of joining a business networking group?

Joining a business networking group helps grow your business by creating an outside sales team to connect you with new clients. The group is also a resource of trustworthy businesses who you can rely on for excellent service and can refer to your clients, friends and family.

How is SCEA different than other business networking groups

SCEA has been successfully operating in Sonoma County since 1974. Because we believe quality is more important than quantity, we do not have lead quotas. We only have one member from each type of business, profession, or trade. We require that our members are owners of their company or are a top-level manager or decision maker. We have a strong reputation as being a very friendly welcoming group of people.

Who is GO LOCAL and why is SCEA a member?

GO LOCAL  is a cooperative that works to grow the market share of locally owned businesses in Sonoma County. SCEA and GO LOCAL share many of the same objectives and work to support each other and our local community. For more information about GO LOCAL, view a quick video.