Skin Haven

Skin Haven

3414 Mendocino Ave Suite C
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Member: Amy Huber
Business phone: (707) 596-4899
Email: amy@skin-haven.com

Category: Esthetician

Hello, my name is Amy Huber. I am the owner and operator of Skin Haven I am a licensed esthetician and have had the privilege of working in the beauty industry for the past 12 years. My passion for skincare and taking care of others is the cornerstone of my business. I strive every day to provide an environment of warmth and comfort for my clients while providing the highest level of customer service. It is my belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, confident and strong in their own skin.

I continue to learn and grow in my profession, making continued education in an ever changing industry a high priority. I offer a variety of facials including microdermabrasion, chemical peels and nano needling. I also offer waxing services and other specialty treatments. Outside of the treatment room, I love spending time with my friends and family outdoors. I love hiking, running, camping, house boating and exploring beautiful Sonoma County. You will often find me at a beautiful winery or brewery enjoying the sunshine with my family.

Being part of the beauty industry is something I am truly grateful for; it never feels like work. I look forward to continue to grow in my work and provide clients a relaxing and rejuvenating experience when they are in my care. It is also my privilege to continue that growth as a part of the Sonoma County Executives Association.