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Member:  Mike Madigan
Phone:  (707) 483-5983
Email: michael.madigan@sonic.com
Category: Internet and Phone


I started my professional career in the wine industry while also teaching English at the college level across several Bay Area.  Years into my wine industry life, I realized I wanted to do something different, something in tech, something with the internet.  I found myself at Sonic as the Field Sales Supervisor, and then nearly a year into that was hired onto the Enterprise Sales team as an Associate Account Executive.  I value communication and creativity – prospecting new business without prospecting, selling but NEVER selling.  Valuing the individual and community.

My time at Sonic has reiterated the importance of communication and creativity, a persistent practice of listening to customer needs and considering every facet of their business and day-to-day.  Sonic also values, as I have in my sales career, that possibilities are always present.  For my clients, I not only offer solutions and remedies, but a tireless productivity of insight and presence.  Since my first day, I’ve been honored and immeasurably enriched by Sonic’s customer service practices and philosophies.  They, like myself, embody not only presence, but reliability and accessibility.

My commitment to client needs is tireless and immediately visual.  Clients will know and wholly understand that Sonic is always there for them, that I am there for them, to listen to their needs and present economical solutions that will make their day-to-day such that they can focus on the needs of their business.