Exchange Bank

2727 Yulupa Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA  95405

Member:  Steve Schofield
Phone: (707) 524-3066
Fax: (707) 525-0720
Email: steve.schofield@exchangebank.com
Category: Banking

Exchange Bank can not be bought or sold.

Established in 1890 in Santa Rosa, California, Exchange Bank will always remain independent. Our second president, Frank Doyle, was determined that the Bank remain locally owned. When he died in 1948, his will directed that his 51% of common stock be put into a perpetual trust that funds scholarships at Santa Rosa Junior College, ensuring the education of generations of students and guaranteeing that the Bank would always be here to serve the community. Because of this trust, Exchange Bank can never be bought or sold. More than $66 million in scholarships have been awarded to tens of thousands of students, making the Doyle Trust one of America’s most unique business-education partnerships.

Giving back to our community.

As a community bank, Exchange Bank stands apart from national and regional banks through our commitment to the communities we serve and live in. We invest and participate in the health and vitality of our community, not only through the Doyle Trust, but through donations and hands-on involvement in many local causes and non-profit organizations.

We’re here for you. Forever.

“Exchange Bank’s service was above and beyond! I can’t say enough about the staff of Exchange Bank. The service they’ve provided is the absolute best. Always understanding of customer’s needs and proactive in assessing a customers’ specific business and personal demands. Because of their local service, personally, my favorite bank in Sonoma County is Exchange Bank by far.”