Tavelli Co., Inc.

Member: Robert Tavelli
Phone: (707) 509-5565
Email: rtavelli@tavellico.com
Category: Accts Receivable/Collections

With over 60 years of combined experience and using the unique perspective of what works in the credit granting and collection environment, Tavelli Co., Inc. brings a highly skillful approach that sets the bar when it comes to doing business the right way in Medical and Commercial recoveries.

Tavelli Co., Inc’s tagline, “Doing Business the Right Way,” encompasses what we do and why we do it. Not only do we have a great team that will collect on your accounts and consult/train your staff, but we stand behind a great philosophy. We believe that there is more to a great business than just providing top notch service. Tavelli Co., Inc. believes in a community mindset in running a small business and a customer service approach to resolving debts.

Our core sectors of expertise are reducing complaints, and increasing recoveries by working with your patients and customers to help solve problems. No auto-dialers, just people speaking with people.