Nexus Consulting

Member: Ellen van den Berg
Phone: (707) 546-4100
Email: ellenvdb@nexusconsulting.biz
Category: Business/Executive Coaching

Over the past 25+ years I’ve been helping owners of small businesses and professional practices develop and implement business and personal strategies that integrate their values with their expertise to create businesses that serve their lives. My clients understand that profit is only worthwhile if they’re free to enjoy the life it brings and that unless they’re able to live their values their business cannot truly thrive.

No matter how long you’ve been in business or how successful you believe yourself to be, there are times when the same old ways no longer cut it, where the new ways aren’t clear, when you’re thinking about a change, when your heart is no longer in it. When you want to feel the fire in your belly again!

This is the time when you want a partner who will guide, challenge and support you — a skillful coach to stretch but not stress you beyond your current ways of doing and being in your business.

If this resonates with you contact me to schedule a conversation to find out if what I offer might be of benefit to you and your business.