Wise Acre Farm

631 Arata Ln.
Windsor, CA  95492

Bryan Boyd
Phone: (707) 291-9913
Email: wiseacrefarmwindsor@gmail.com
Category: Organic Egg Farmer

Wise Acre Farm goes beyond organic to produce the healthiest, most humane, sustainable and delicious eggs around.

We maintain a sustainable ratio of 80 hens per acre. During the day our chickens are free to forage for their natural diet consisting of: seeds, green plants, insects and worms. We supplement this diet with NON GMO organic corn and soy free grain. Using a consistent rotation schedule we move our custom mobile coops every week to a fresh section of pasture.

You can purchase our farm fresh eggs and locally grown produce right here at our farm. We also offer Free Farm Tours. Please check the calendar on our website.

Wise Acre Farms participate in GoLocal and Farm Trails.