William Zuur

California Licensed Private Fiduciary
National Certified Guardian
PO Box 2767
Santa Rosa, CA  95405

William Zuur
Phone: (707) 539-2216
Fax: (707) 595-1671
Email: wzuurconsulting@sonic.net
Category: Fiduciary

I am a California Licensed Private Fiduciary. I began my practice in April 2004. I am referred by Estate Planning Attorneys, Financial Planners, CPA’s or other professionals whose clients are looking for a Trustee or Successor Trustee to their living trusts. I can also be named as an Executor in a Will. I can also be appointed by the Sonoma County Superior Court as an estate administrator, trustee, conservator or guardian ad litem. In most cases private fiduciaries are named in various capacities when families with trusts or wills have no support to handle their affairs due to incapacity or after death.  In my years of service, I have enjoyed a rewarding career serving those who are unable to handle their affairs or have left their estate or trust matters to private fiduciaries. Prior to becoming a professional fiduciary, I spent 35 years at Bank of America in several high level positions.