Why Join Us?



Our members are well respected professionals in their industry. When you refer to a member of SCEA you are referring to a well-established local business person who provides top quality service.


For us, quality is more important than quantity, thus we do not have lead quotas. We work hard to ensure the leads we give each other are high quality referrals and people WE would want to do business with.


Our members generated an average of 28 high quality leads per week in 2020. More leads means more visibility, revenue and profit for your business. Our average length of membership is 10 years. Businesses stay in our group because they benefit from their membership.


SCEA has been operating since 1974 and it is part of the International Executives Association (IEA) which was established in 1916. We are one of 38 Executives Associations and 2000+ businesses around the world.


Our members enjoy the work they do and it shows. Our meetings are full of energy and camaraderie.

On average we have enjoyed $24,045.00 worth of business from the EXECS for the past 4 years. That is just about a 10 times return for what we pay in dues. This alone illustrates the power of the Association for me and the soundness of the decision to remain a member each year.

However, there is the intangible benefits which are significant as well. The loyalty and support from the membership is hard to quantify but very easy to describe. The access to all members and their professions allow me to move about the world in a different manner. Time & space for this testimonial don’t allow me to single out each member. But think of this, do you have the cell phone number of all the different professions who you hire for your business, your personal life, your parent’s needs, and friends and family, too? As members, we do. When you refer someone to another person are you sure it will go well? I am.

Simply put, this organization ROCKS!

Ron Dorris

Ron Dorris Electric and Solar

(707) 230-5404


Executive Director: Shirlee Johnson

E-mail: info@scexecs.com

Sonoma County Executives Association

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